June 24, 2018

The master program and PhD program in Pharmacology and Toxicology offer master and doctoral degrees with research fields emphasis on nervous system, cardiovascular-renal system, and cancer. Currently the program has more than 10 faculty members. Our research activities use cell cultures, in vitro preparations and animal models to study drugs of abuse, environmental toxicants, anticancer agents, natural drugs, and the signaling mechanisms of pathophysiological processes of cardiac, kidney and CNS diseases. The program is equipped with modern biomedical instruments and a university-wide core facility including EM/SEM, atomic force microscope, confocal and fluorescence microscopes, and instruments for genomic/proteomic studies.     

The curriculum consists of (1) the core courses: pharmacology, toxicology, and techniques in biomedical research, (2) common courses: experimental design, thesis writing, and seminar, and (3) electives: many biomedical-related courses are available within the institute or from other institutes within the campus.

Our program accepts 14 master degree and 4 doctoral students. In addition, the program also accepts qualified foreign applicants. The foreign students can apply for full fellowship. The fellowship recipients are awarded a monthly stipend for live expenses and waive of tuition and dormitory fees. We welcome any comments that you may have for our program.